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 Incidents - Round 10 Canadian Grand Prix

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Incidents - Round 10 Canadian Grand Prix Empty
PostSubject: Incidents - Round 10 Canadian Grand Prix   Incidents - Round 10 Canadian Grand Prix EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 11:26 pm

Incidents - Rd 10 Canadian Grand Prix

The following incident was reviewed by the FIA:

Protest lodged over incident on final lap of the race by HS240 against Skimilk.

* Finding - When HS240 attempted to overtake on final corner, Skimilk did drive aggressively forcing HS240 off of the track and causing an avoidable incident.

* Penalty - Drive through for Round 11 - U.S. Grand Prix
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Incidents - Round 10 Canadian Grand Prix Empty
PostSubject: *$K1MM!LK* penalty   Incidents - Round 10 Canadian Grand Prix EmptyMon Jul 27, 2009 10:39 pm

i don't think i deserve a penalty for the montreal race and heres why.. i was going down the last straight before last chicane, once i hit the kink on the straight i took a look back and saw hs240 , who was right behind me the whole race.. i ran down the middle of the straight as hs drafted, i motioned right slightly to let hs know i would be blocking the inside. hs240 was going 13mph faster so he close real fast, who decided at the last second to go inside of me. i dont know why he thought i wasn't going to block the inside . he goes outside he gets 3rd.. as hs240 goes to the inside , hes all the way on the line as im coming over to block , once i saw he was a half a car aside of me , i turn left to give room. hs240 was on the white line and came over towards the left and hit me. i was just trying to block on the last lap last turn. hs240 could of lifted and avoided incident . no accident took place , just a little grass mowing , and hs240 didn't lose any spots.
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Incidents - Round 10 Canadian Grand Prix
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