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 Incidents - Round 11 - US Grand Prix

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Incidents - Round 11 - US Grand Prix Empty
PostSubject: Incidents - Round 11 - US Grand Prix   Incidents - Round 11 - US Grand Prix EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 1:05 pm


Incidents - Round 10 US Grand Prix

The following incidents were reviewed by the FIA. Findings and any penalties are as follows:

Lap 1, Turn 1 - Norbi and bg-ai3 were involved in incident that through chain reaction caused multiple collisions, damage, and retirements.

Turn 1 has garnered a lot of attention if the forum posts are any indication. As well it might due to the heavy amount of destruction caused during the incident. Since this is the case and it appears that several drivers are awaiting this post, I'm going to take this opportunity to briefly explain my position as far as interpretation of the rules is concerned before particular findings are issued.

Two cars entering a corner together is a common incident in F1 and therefore has developed clear and universally excepted views on responsibilities that I also accept and follow. Most important in review of incidents like this is the establishment of a "right of way". Right of way is easily determined when one car is clearly ahead of the trailing car and the lead car is in the process of being overtaken. When one car is not following the other and we are faced with side by side entry into a corner, the car in the lead is defined simply as who is in front of whom as the two cars are rarely perfectly aligned wheel to wheel. Easily determined through replay reviews and more often than not can be seen live. The "lead car", having been defined as the car in front of the other, ALWAYS has the right of way and it's the driver of the car attempting to overtake that bears the responsibility to attempt an overtaking maneuver in a manner that is safe and does not result in an incident. Generally addressing comments I've seen before, a driver being overtaken is allowed 1 attempt at defending his position with a blocking maneuver. After that it is considered blocking and is a violation on the lead driver. "Dive Bombing" or as I've seen mentioned, "hole shots" are NOT acceptable. If you attempt such a maneuver it is YOUR responsibility to pull the maneuver off clean. If the door is closed on you then you must apply your brakes and avoid contact, ceding the position to the lead driver and attempt your maneuver at some other time. In a nutshell, the driver in the lead ALWAYS HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY. Simply being faster than the guy in front is NOT an acceptable reason to "go for it". As everyone can clearly see, you ALL have interest in driving cleanly as more often than not, damage is done to both cars that severely impacts the race of each driver.

I think that it's more important to use this incident to ensure that all drivers clearly understand the criteria that incidents like these are judged and that all drivers use it as a learning experience. Having explained my method of interpretation of incidents and hopefully all drivers now understanding my methods, I use that as the basis for the following regarding turn 1. NO penalty will be issued, this will be used as a reference for future driving.

Lap 1 Turn 1 - Multiple collisions and incidents.

*Finding - It's the finding of the FIA that an incident between Norbi and bg-ai3 at the front of the grid during turn 1 did cause a chain of events that saw half the field receive damage to some extent. Normal process of review would find that Norbi did have the right of way, however small. Because bg-ai3 did make a clearly visible effort to brake, no malicious intent or out of control driving was found to be involved, and because this incident is being used as a future reference point, I have chosen to issue no penalty. If a finding was made one way or the other in the future, it would normally go against bg-ai3 in this case due to Norbi having the "right of way". However, given the nature and aggression of turn 1, an incident like this is more often than not going to be written off as a "that's racing" than have a penalty issued, although each case will be reviewed on it's own merits.

This may not be acceptable to some of you and I understand. I think that you will find that it's better for the long term enjoyment of your league to establish these criteria now so there will be no question as to the rules in the future.

Protest against Norbi filed by D. Carney -

D. Carney contends that during the latter part of the race, Norbi was driving aggressively and causing avoidable contact and damage to both cars.

*Finding - I find that Norbi was driving aggressively and causing multiple incidents of contact with D. Carney, causing avoidable damage to both cars. This is not acceptable driving on the track and could have easily resulted in one or both cars being knocked from the race.

*Penalty - NO PENALTY ISSUED. Again, this will be used as reference for any questions of what is acceptable or not in the future. If this incident were to take place in future races, a penalty would be issued to Norbi for aggressive driving. NO PENALTY

Gentlemen, please consider the US Grand Prix as a learning experience for all, and a general amnesty applies to all driving incidents in the US Grand Prix.

From this point forward, please drive clean, use your best sportsmanship and consider not only other drivers, but the fact you could very well damage your own car and chances in the race if you attempt to drive beyond your limits of control.

Further, as part of the amnesty and clarification from this point forward, the penalty issued to Faywee123 from 2 races ago is now null and void. We will start with a clean slate.

FIA Race Director

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Incidents - Round 11 - US Grand Prix
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