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 Incidents - Round 12 - Grand Prix of Belgium

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Incidents - Round 12 - Grand Prix of Belgium Empty
PostSubject: Incidents - Round 12 - Grand Prix of Belgium   Incidents - Round 12 - Grand Prix of Belgium EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 12:58 pm


The following incidents were reviewed after protests -

1. Both Super Aguri drivers filed protests against Norbi for seperate incidents.

*Finding - On lap 7 coming out of the Kemmel Straight, Norbi collided with Progolfer, ramming him off the road.
*Penalty - Drive Through for round 13 - Monza

Norbi, you were given a break after ramming DJ Carney several times at Indy. Aggressive driving is acceptable and encouraged but you must remain in control of your car. If you're unable to judge your braking or otherwise get distracted, you shouldn't follow other cars so closely. You are responsible for maintaining control. You were also found to have driven dangerously regarding the other protest. In the future, multiple penalties could be issued by a drive through with the addition of a grid penalty.

2. Elharto protested the blocking manuevers of Faywee123 on the final long straight.

*Finding - Faywee123 did swerve continually and dangerously on the straight, beyond the acceptable level of the rules.
*Penalty - 10 spot grid penalty for Monza.

No accidents resulted so grid penalty is sufficient. No chop blocking or dangerious driving is allowed when being over taken and if it's into corner, only one change of line is allowed to block.

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Incidents - Round 12 - Grand Prix of Belgium
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